Frequently asked questions:

Can I buy a photo shoot voucher from you?

Yes most definitely - vouchers make nice gifts. The voucher will be e-mailed to you.

What happens when the weather does not play along on the day of our shoot?

We will postpone the shoot to another day.

What is the best time of the day to take photos?

If you want beautiful soft light then taking photos during the golden hour (an hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset) will be the best time. I understand that it is not always possible with small children, but please try and schedule your shoot early as possible or late afternoon.

I don't know how to pose?

Don't worry I will give you guidance but my shoots are very relaxed - no stiff posing.

What should we wear for a family shoot?

Wear clothing that is comfortable for you and try wearing colours that is complimentary to each other. It is not necessary to dress exactly the same. Wear clothes that suit the location for example not wearing a cocktail dress for a beach shoot or the park.

Also avoid bold, distracting colours or patterns.

Do you offer payment arrangements?

Yes but only on my wedding packages.