Family photo shoot tips

I love doing photo shoots whether it is a big family or a family of 3 so I have decided to give some tips to those of you that is interested in doing a family shoot with me.

First of all - relax Mom. Please do not stress about your child being “naughty” during the photo shoot. Believe me I have seen it all. The best advice I can give you is not to upset your child when he or she is not behaving or co-operating with the photographer. This will only lead to tears and a red face and it will take some time to get that beautiful smile out of your child again.

A question I get a lot is what to wear to the shoot. Please do not stress about this too much. Wear something that is comfortable for you and you will look comfortable in the photos. It is not necessary to wear matching outfits eg. blue denims with white t-shirts. Try wearing complimentary colours as this always look good in photos. As an example mom can wear a red top or dress and dad and the child can wear something in blue.

When is the best time to take photos? I know it is not always possible with small children but try to schedule your photo shoot for late afternoon or early evening. The light is then soft and you won’t get that harsh sunlight. If that is not an option for you I will always look for some shade.

My photo shoots are very relaxed and I will give you some guidance in natural posing. You may arrive nervous but trust me you will leave with a smile. You will really enjoy the photo shoot - I cannot wait to hear from you.

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